Friday, December 9, 2016

Why wait for the new year to be Sauron levels of Evil?

If you're in Ohio, you can get the ball rolling by trying to pass a ban on abortion after six goddamned weeks.

Note that in the state next to Ohio they've already criminalized miscarriage and have jailed women on the presumption of having tried a DIY chemical/medical abortion when they've miscarried.  And the governor of Indiana is going to be our next Vice President.

The ACLU is begging John Kasich to veto this vile Ohio bill, but given that Kasich was the fucktard who decided that stopping STD clinics was a perfectly okay response to the Planned Parenthood hoax, I doubt he's going to listen.

It's beginning already.

Civil liberties.   They were nice when we had them, weren't they?

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