Sunday, June 19, 2016

Example of the Evidence of an Unhealthy Relationship with Firearms in the US

In the wake of the Orlando shootings last weekend, there have been a lot of things said by people all over the issue of firearms rights and gun control.  I'm sick of it, and I believe that there is nothing that will ever be done by the people nominally in charge because our nation has become a bunch of gun-loving lunatics who will fight to the bitter end to defend a myth and right that are increasingly irrelevant to the largely urban population of the nation.

And this story from last year, in the LaCrosse Tribune shows it better than any argument I can imagine:

(In case the link expires or for those people too lazy to read the link, while it's still up:  A man was using the laser target on his pistol to play laser tag with his cat.  The pistol was loaded, so when he accidentally gripped the trigger, he ended up shooting his roommate and friend in the leg.  Now this guy has no previous record, had done all the necessary stuff to own his gun, except think about the most basic safety requirements.  And yet - the prosecutors in the case argued for the judge to allow the guy to plead to a charge that would allow the guy in question to have his felony record expunged, for fear that his right to own a firearm would be restricted otherwise.)

When we're cherry picking charges that could have been gross negligence or even assault, simply to allow the person who behaved in a criminally stupid manner that goes against everything I know of firearms safety to continue to own a gun. . .

Guns are too goddamned important to Americans.