Monday, April 15, 2013

I remember Oklahoma City

I remember Oklahoma City.

I remember the confusion.   I remember the questions.   I remember, too, the rush to judgment.  The blind accusations that it must have been some kind of foreign strike.  (If I recall there were suggestions of PLO asssociation.) 

I don't want to do anything like that with this strike.

So, I do not make accusations. 

However, I am thinking of the reasons why I don't think this is the work of Al-Qaeda.  Nor any other foreign group. 

Patriot's Day, in Massachusetts is a big thing linked inextricably to the Minutemen and the Revolution.  And all the things that have been being fetishized in certain circles who claim to want to save America for Americans. 

Add to that that the Boston Marathon is a hugely international event these days...

I can't think of anywhere a bombing would be more likely to be considered to be both a hearkening to the Minutemen and a condemnation of globilization.  

Which has me wondering just who might be behind this bombing. 

I make no accusations.  Logic isn't proof. 

But I won't be surprised if this logic turns out to be related to the facts, either. 

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